About the Book

Screenshot 2016-01-06 11.43.34Make a Mess is packed with 365 prompts, projects, activities and inspiring quotes to help you explore the nooks and crannies of your innately deep-as-a-well creativity.

Some prompts focus on self-doubt, because that’s the reason so many of us don’t create. Other prompts focus on embracing mistakes, because perfectionism also can be a creativity crusher. Still others are all about reconnecting to our inner artists by doodling, drawing and snapping pictures.

Some prompts will involve your loved ones, or even strangers, because creativity is connection. Because when we create with others, we discover surprising insights about them and ourselves. Other prompts will involve working with words, penning prose and poetry. Because each of us is a born storyteller.

Plus, there are prompts that ask you to pretend to be someone else or something else. Because creativity is play. And make-believe. And magic.

You’ll also find unique prompts and creative insights written by 17 authors, artists, photographers and creativity coaches. Because creativity is all about different viewpoints and perspectives.

The contributors include: Ellen Olson-Brown, Flora Bowley, Susannah Conway, Mara Glatzel, Anna Guest-Jelley, Jolie Guillebeau, Miranda Hersey, Christine Mason Miller, Shiloh Sophia McCloud, Vivienne McMaster, Gail McMeekin, Mark Nepo, Mary Anne Radmacher, Andrea Scher, Carla Sonheim, Maya Stein, and Michelle Ward.

Ultimately, Make a Mess is about connecting to ourselves, to others and to our world. Because that’s creativity.